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Our Coffee

We don't just like coffee at Leonard's - we love it - so much so that we created our very own unique blend of beans which we use to give all our coffees their signature taste.

Our coffee creation is lovingly known as 'The Leonard's Blend'.

Our 'Leonard's Blend' comes from local coffee importer and distributor Pumphreys, based in Blaydon, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Established in 1750, and run ever since as a family business, Pumphreys Coffee Centre and Brewing Emporium was the perfect choice when we decided we wanted our very own, unique and exclusive coffee blend.

With so many different types of coffee beans to choose from and a mixture of 'roasts' from light to dark the coffee creation process is quite complex.

We started with a goal flavour in mind: slightly bitter, rich, full-bodied and strong, and worked towards that with the help of Pumphrey's expert coffee blenders.

Our secret blend comprises 3 different beans with a heavy roast to give it its final flavour.

The Leonard's Coffee Blend taste profile

Our coffee was chosen for its full body, low acidity and caramel undertones.

With beans from Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam, we chose a dark to very dark roast resulting in an intense flavour.

Our coffees are rich and strong and can be enjoyed as much on their own as they can alongside our selection of sweet treats.

The Leonard's Coffee Blend Journey

Every cup of Leonard’s coffee is made with our exclusive and unique blend of faritrade, whole beans from Newcastle importers Pumphreys. Chosen by owner Ashley, the blend is made up of coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam and roasted 18-miles away in Blaydon upon Tyne.

Our special Leonard’s coffee blend is delivered fresh every Tuesday morning from Pumphreys. Each batch of beans is then ground on-demand ready for our expert resident baristas to prepare one of our 11 different styles of coffee.

We make sure we brew all our coffees at an optimum extraction temperature in order to get the best tasting experience possible. Our coffees are rich and full bodied with a nutty aroma, low acidity and notes of chocolate and caramel. They’re served alone or alongside our range of breakfasts, lunches and sweet treats.

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